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Dhap-Satgara Baitul Mukarram Model Kamil Madrasha is a beautiful and picturesque religious educational institution at the national level. Its main goal and objective is to build a virtuous, ideal and enlightened nation through religious education.

In the field of education, all the materials of modern information and communication technology are used in this madrasha. Digital attendance including the use of digital technology in education, constant communication with parents, Wi Fi connection and providing test results digitally.

Madrasha’s exist from 1st class to Kamil (MA) class. At Fazil (BA) level there are 4 subjects (Hadith, Tafsir, Fiqh and Adab) at Kamil level including 2 honors courses (Al-Quran and Islamic Studies and Al-Hadith and Islamic Studies).

Madrasha board and university examination results are 100% passed. Every year, top ten is getting a place.

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